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Thoughts Become Things

The Story You Tell is the Life You Live!

Welcome to TBT Coaching 

Have you ever caught yourself joking about your bad luck? Or worse have you ever mumbled under your breath, the old adage:

“If it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all”?  

Did you ever think that maybe, it’s not supposed to be that way?

We are Scott and Jen McKinley and back in 2012 that was one of our worst habits.  Anytime something went wrong (and it did a lot) we blamed Murphy’s Law and settled for the fact that bad luck was just our lot in life.  We had a terrible relationship with money.  We struggled with ex’s and health.  Bills? Let’s not even go there.  We were just Scott and Jen, a real couple who were raising a blended family and wanted more from life.  We wanted to be happy.  

So, in 2012 we went on a journey to find the answers that would help us change our situation.  And guess what? We found them. This is the reason why we do what we do.  Our truest desire is to help other people learn what we learned and coach them through the process of changing their own lives.  We are not therapists, doctors or scientists.  We are a real couple, who went through some real experiences and learned some real principles and completely changed our lives. 

Today we work as coaches helping people with accountability and the Law of Attraction.  We work with business owners, individuals and couples who are ready to start using deliberate creation.  Do you want a better career?  Are you looking for your partner in life?  Can you manifest the dream vacation and ideal financial situation?  Maybe you don't know what you want, but you know you don't want what you have.  We can help you figure it all out. 

Would you like to know what we learned?  Are you ready to evolve?

Then let’s begin.